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Soilonline: Topsoil, mulch and soil improvers
Because every gardener needs good soil

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Life on earth exists because of a few inches of soil and the fact that it rains. Never a truer word was spoken. If there were no soil, there’d be no plants and if there were no plants there’d be no oxygen to breath or food to eat. Because the core staff at Harrowden Turf are farmers and growers, we understand soil and plants. That knowledge has been put to use to compile a range of soils, mulches and soil improvers that will help landscapers and gardeners to get the very best results from their projects. Soilonline is a true asset to the Harrowden Turf brand portfolio. This online resource allows growers to select and buy quality soils with ease. The product range is continuously updated to ensure best value. Logistics are shared with the turf, Meadowmat and Enviromat enterprises to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact.